Elemental Permaculture aims to demonstrate the Permaculture ethics and principles in the management of our inaugural PDC. So while we Obtain a Yield, its essential we Care of the Earth by both growing the food ourselves and sourcing it from local organic producers. This way, we can ensure the quality of food produced, build soil, reduce the potential “food miles” and in turn, reduce our carbon footprint.

We will provide tasty, fresh and diverse food, which is sourced from locally grown organic gardens and farms. The menu will include a delicious and nutritious vegetarian (dairy and egg) selection combining raw and cooked dishes.

Currently, our local school and community Permaculture gardens are growing the leafy greens, seasonal vegetables and herbs for the PDC. Participants will have the chance to harvest the leafy greens and collect eggs each morning for our lunch and dinner meals.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be prepared by an ethical, organic and local caterer, Red Kitchen Cafe.

Evening meals will be lovingly prepared by our talented friends from the local Permaculture community, who are passionate about delicious, local and ethical food.

Folk with special dietary requirements can be considered.

The Red Kitchen:

The Red Kitchen offers a unique slant to mainstream catering by creating rustic, “salt of the earth” cuisine based on traditional recipes from across the globe. We use organic locally grown fresh produce.  Our eggs are locally raised and free-range, and we ensure that our meat comes from animals that are ethically raised, as nature would have have it, grass fed and happy.  In addition, we have recently redesigned our menu to offer more sustainable seafood choices in line with recommendations from the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

As an environmental & socially responsible business our kitchen runs sustainably by composting, recycling, bulk purchasing, preferencing recyclable packaging; we also use green power, water saving devices, natural cleaning products and energy efficient lighting. In our coffee house we produce only half a garbage bag of non-compostable/recyclable waste each week!  Not bad eh!

We are the only caterer in the Illawarra and NSW that offers a mandatory composting service as well as being organic!  Our trained staff separate all compostable ecoware & food waste at any function, the waste is taken away by us and transformed into compost at a local facility!  A great feat indeed to serve delicious ethical food and yet leave no waste!  Amazing!  Our 100% certified organic palm leaf ware is the perfect accompaniment for our composting service, as is our other natural and biodegradable products!

The Red Kitchen specialises in unique weddings as well as art openings, private parties & celebrations, memorials and corporate functions, offering a unique and authentic Global Street Food menu of delicious worldly dishes, perfect matched with finger food for a great roaming style wedding or event.  Choose a theme or travel the globe with an eclectic mix of worldly delights!  We offer tailored buffet & sit down menus as well as do it yourself take home catering.  We are also specialists in catering for vegans, vegetarians and those with dietary intolerances; individual tastes and budgets can also be tailor designed.

The Red Kitchen is a proud member and supporter of Food Fairness Illawarra, Slow Food Australia and The True Food Network!

We offer a unique, professional and thoughtful catering experience!


Phone Caroline 0418 263 237

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