Dan Deighton & Aaron Sorensen have been teaching on my annual PDC here in Bermagui for the past 4 years. They bring to any audience over a decade of experience in active permaculture design and implementation in areas such as school kitchen gardens; community gardens; eco-village development and large-scale land restoration.

Together they form an engaging and inspiring teaching team. Using interpretive and creative learning styles, they pass on their knowledge so that participants feel empowered to use the tools they are taught in any situation and immediately.

Permaculture is about design and currently at the cutting edge of using applicable methods of designing any landscape, are the skills of Dan & Aaron.

John Champagne

Brogo Permaculture Gardens

Dan and Aaron’s ‘Growing Up Green in the Living Classroom’ project has resulted in hundreds of children, their teachers, and even their families, learning about living sustainably and treading gently on the earth. I witnessed children as young as 6 years old, design, plant and nurture their edible gardens at school – and then reap the benefits of their labour by supplying their school canteens with their garden food, that they then enjoyed for lunch.

Their Permaculture Design Course is just fantastic; it really packs a load of interesting information about living sustainably – but it’s in the delivery of course where people most benefit from Dan and Aarons knowledge, experience and love of the topic.

If you’re thinking about taking one of Dan and Aaron’s courses – I say don’t think about it, do it! You will love it, just as hundreds of others have already.

Robyn Bignall

Manager Bluescope Steel Community Partners (2003 – 2008)

As a teacher I know it’s nice to get positive feedback…so I just wanted to say in writing ‘thanks!’ because I really appreciated your knowledge, dynamism and fun collaborative way of teaching at our PDC. So much so that I’m afraid I schnaffled some of your ideas…my class this week LOVED the tree (functions/ brainstorm etc) activity and they couldn’t believe that trees could represent so many different ‘cool’ things. I also start the day now with some brain gym and they all love doing the ‘hands, shoulders, hips’… I’ve noticed a positive change in their focus. I have had a fab first week back!

So thanks again and looking forward to seeing you both some time in the future

Sarah Gray

PSI PDC participant July 2013

‘As a person who loves what I do, it’s easy to recognise the same quality in others I meet. During my PDC when I had the pleasure of finally meeting and working with Dan Deighton and Aaron Sorensen, I knew instantly I was dealing with two people who share that familiar passion for their work. As a co-teaching set-up Dan and Aaron have managed to retain their own individual styles yet work co-operatively as equals providing a dynamic synergy. Through a range of techniques, they clearly demonstrate their talents as skilled educators and from experience have learnt to provide a good balance of theory, practical exercise and interaction through well structured and simple and easy to understand teaching methods. I loved the way they interacted with our group and were able to re-energise us through long challenging days. They brought a special energy to the second week of our PDC that our group picked up on from the moment Dan took us through the introductory circle to the day they had to return home. On reflection, Dan and Aaron taught us a lot in a very short time through their skilled approach to teaching but they honoured each of us as mature students and respected even the smallest of our contributions.  I have rarely been as impressed as I was by these two as permaculture teachers and cannot recommend them highly enough. I am sure that anyone who takes advantage of the skills they have to offer will not be disappointed.

Kath Hellmann

National Parks Ranger


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